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    The guy who invented the mouse must be a bazillionaire, right? Wrong. Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1963, submitting the patent for it in 1967. However, Engelbart was way ahead of his time, and his patent expired before the personal computer came complete with a mouse, thus making it a necessity, even to this day. (via The Guy Who Invented The Mouse Didn’t Make A Dime From It)

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    Cast Irony: The case for a 7.8″ iPad →


    I’ve been talking to some people on twitter about the technical feasibility of Apple one day introducing a smaller and lighter iPad. The general opinion I’m seeing is that it would require a change to the dimension of the screen in points, or the touch targets would be so small that it’d be…

  3. "How Bad Do You Want It?" This video features Giovanni Ruffin, a running back from East Carolina who surprisingly did not make the draft. It’s narrated by Eric Thomas (the Hip Hop preacher). It’s deeply inspirational and while the message focuses on success in terms of making money it can be applied to anything.  

  4. Accidents: technological breakthroughs happen when answers are found to problems we didn’t realize we had.


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